How To Smoke A Weed?

Do you know what heaven feels like? Sit in a dark room, smoke weed and listen to the songs of Bob Dylan, Jimmie Hendrix or Pink Floyd. But before experiencing this heaven you first need to know how to smoke weed.

The most basic skill that is required to smoke weed is to know how to pack a bowl. If you can master this art, you can easily feel the effect of weed. All you need is weed and glass pipes. You need to make sure that the flow of air through the pipe is continuous. Any clog in the pipe will result in a barrier to a relaxing smoke. The more air that passes through the pipe results in a smooth smoke. Also make sure that the weed is free from seeds and stems.

The best time to smoke weed is with your friends. There is a particular marijuana smoking etiquette that you should maintain. A single person from among the close pals is given or takes the responsibility of preparing the nice looking joint, pipe or the bong. Before preparing these, that particular individual must make sure to remove all the seeds and the stems from the pot. If the stems remain then you might not be able to get the much needed high. And if the seeds remain then they will give you a headache.

In case you are a chain smoker then you can put the weed into the cigarette itself. You can either mix it with the tobacco or you can simply roll up the weed separately in a piece of paper. If you are not that into smoking cigarette, you can try out the bongs. The bongs are glass pipes that filter the smoke though water before you inhale the same. This is considered to be a safe procedure given the fact that the smoke first gets filtered before reaching your lungs.

If you are looking for innovative ways to get stoned then you can think about adding some cough drops. Believe it or not, the addition of the cough drops will greatly increase your smoking experience. If you go to a hookah bar then you will be able to smoke the weed through bongs or hookahs. That is costly enough. But when you are attending a rock festival or just want to get high without spending much then the best way to smoke weed is with the help of a joint.

Rolling a joint requires fine craftsmanship, delicate fingers and patience. You must use your index finger and thumb to feel for the unwanted stuffs like the stems and the seeds. These are minute and that is why it may take time to remove them. After that you must roll the joint to make sure that there is no air pocket between the weed and the rolling paper. You can lick one side of the paper to make it sticky. Then you must twist one end of the joint and light it. After taking the first puff you should start passing the joint to your left. And lastly, hold your smoke for at least 5 seconds to get a real high. So now you know how to smoke weed, gather your friends around, get the weed and have fun.