How to prepare nice looking joint

Best Tips on Rolling up Your Marijuana Joints Are you on a plan to try out the marijuana joints this weekend? You might be having your friends coming over for a wild Saturday night party but however make sure you know the art of rolling joints since rolling the joint is said to be the authentic way to taste marijuana. Here are some easy pointers on rolling up the joints.

Suggested Ingredients:

  • Joint paper
  • bud grinder (it’s optional)
  • alternative smoke/herb
  • a poking device + lighter
  • strong confidence

You have to go for the old and classy zig zag marijuana joint rolling paper which is cut in varied lengths as per user preference. These joint papers are usually made from rice or wood pulp or hemp and each of them bring a distinct burn & feel while rolling the joints. However one thing is guaranteed with each of the paper variations and that is “good smoke”!

Prep. Steps for rolling the joint

  • Get the needed materials together
  • Grind the bud into flaky fluffy form or else break it with fingers. Make sure not to turn it into powder; just 0.3 of 1 gm is required to roll your joint
  • Get set mentally. Rolling the joints ask for solid concentration, self-confidence and yes, time.

How to prepare joint

Rolling the Joint

  • Place the prepared herb within wrap. Then pinch the paper ends together surrounding the herb. Now, slide the 2 ends down & up using pressure from the thumb and index fingers. This is needed to check consistency in the joint as it’s a key factor here. If you are finding it uneven due to seeds, take them out and readjust the bud.
  • After it’s made even, now set to roll the joint. Always remember it is where you have to concentrate the most. Roll up the marijuana to the non-sticky side of your rolling paper.
  • Now, comes the tough part, so don’t lose your cool. You have to tuck that non-sticky side under its opposite side with the thumb. Then pull the backward flap over using index fingers
  • Remember to roll the joints tight to reduce air pockets. You cab do this by placing strong thumb pressure over the flap tucked under. Then pull its opposite flap tightly by the index fingers
  • If you have already tucked & pulled up the opposite side over, just continue rolling the joint to keep it tight with forefinger and thumb pressure intact
  • If the rolling is over, simply lick down to the edge and leave it to dry in air. As it gets dried, take the poker to press the loose buds to your joint ends
  • Now, twist the joint end which you wish to light up; it’s all ready, simply smoke & feel what is marijuana

Additional tips on joint rolling

  • The crutch: The crutch is a primary whenever you roll your joint. It acts something like the filter for the joint yet basically a crutch would prohibit the joint end from getting shut
  • If the joint ever gets closed or soggy, tear up a tiny paper piece (3/4” long and ¼” wide) and roll it slightly into the joint’s smoking end to experience a flawless blow

Now as you know about the tips on how to prepare your joint don’t forget about marijuana smoking etiquette and share your joint with best friends.