The Amsterdam

Our Philosophy

We believe that Marijuana is a natural and medicinal resource. It not only needs to be decriminalized but recognized as a positive alternative for physically harmful legalized prescription drugs. We also believe marijuana provides a safer, healthier alternative to other socially accepted and federally controlled narcotic substances.

Our Promise to You!

The Amsterdam Seed Company appreciates the importance of integrity when it comes to you, the customer. Without you, we can not exist. We have every confidence in the quality of our products, so we guarantee your satisfaction. The Amsterdam will not carry inferior seeds or any seeds of suspect origin. Most of our seeds are from Amsterdam, the world's most advanced breeders. We also carry many North American strains from growing list of reputable and respected seed companies. There is no doubt as to the authenticity of our seeds.

The Amsterdam guarantees strain identity!

The Amsterdam guarantees satisfaction!

With so many people producing strains and selling seeds, we felt the market was being saturated with inferior seeds and plants. So our business strategy has been - and always will be - to sell the best products available. We understand that our business depends on you, the customer, and we know that you need a dependable supplier.

We provide the professional attention needed to ensure your satisfaction and, of course, to maintain our reputation and your trust.